Email Setup in Gmail on Android OS

  1. Open Gmail and select the menu icon.
    Android Gmail setup 1

  2. Select Settings.
    Android Gmail setup 2

  3. Select Add account. 
    Android Gmail setup 3

  4. Select Other. 
    Android Gmail setup 4

  5. Enter your Westnet email address and hit Next.
    Android Gmail setup 5

  6. Select Personal (IMAP)
    Android Gmail setup 6

  7. Enter your Westnet email address password, then tap Next.
    Android Gmail setup 7

  8. Change the Incoming Server to "".
    Android Gmail setup 8

  9. Change the Outgoing server settings as follows, then tap Next.

    Note: You may only be able to enter the SMTP server at first, then you will be prompted to confirm the Port and Security Type settings after hitting "Next".

    SMTP Server:
    Port: 587
    Security Type: STARTTLS

    Android Gmail setup 9

  10. Select your desired Sync frequency (how often the app will check for new mail) and notification preferences, then tap Next.
    Android Gmail setup 10

  11. Adjust the Account name and Your name as desired, then tap Next to finish.
    Android Gmail setup 11

  12. You should now be able to access your Westnet email through the Mail app. We recommend that you send an email to yourself to confirm that you can send and receive email.

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