Troubleshooting outgoing calls for NBN Phone & Netphone

  1. Ensure your phone service is active. You will receive an email and/or text message from us to advise when your NBN Phone or Netphone service is active.
    If you are porting an existing phone number to NBN Phone or Netphone, it may be up to another 5 working days before this transfer is complete. During this time, you will be able to make, but not receive calls.
  2. If you're making an International call, confirm that the correct International dialling code is being used.
  3. Confirm that the destination country is not blocked by default due to High risk call blocking. Affected countries are listed here.
    Calling cards which require users to dial an access code before the international number will NOT work with NBN Phone & Netphone services.
  4. Ensure that your internet connection is online. Your phone service requires working internet to operate. Visit our Network Status page to see if any known issues in your area are affecting your internet connection.
  5. Ensure your handset has power. Wireless handsets in particular may require charging or new batteries.
  6. Ensure that all cables are undamaged and plugged in securely.
  7. If you suspect your handset is faulty due to age and/or wear and tear, we recommend obtaining another handset for troubleshooting.
  8. Attempt to make a call.
  9. If you have never been able to make or receive calls, please double check that you have set up the service correctly.
  10. Setup guides for Westnet modems are available here. We also show which port to plug your Netphone handset into in the appendix of this guide.
  11. If you have a third party modem, please check the modem manufacturer's website for support information.
  12. Attempt to make a call.
  13. Call us on 1300 786 068 for further assistance.

*If you have no access to a working phone service, please email [email protected].


Appendix - Where to plug in your handset for NBN Phone & Netphone

Select one of the links below to jump to a query:

Smart Modem Gateway (VX420-G2H) or VX420-G2V Modem

Handsets must be plugged into the green PHONE port:

VX420 Modems PHONE port


Handsets must be plugged into the Phone 1 port:

TP-Link VR1600v Netphone port


Handsets must be plugged into the green Netphone port:

TG-789 Broadband Gateway diagram


Handsets must be plugged into the grey Phone1 port:

Huawei HG658 ports diagram


Handsets must be plugged into the grey Phone port:

NetComm NB16WV-02 ports diagram


Handsets must be plugged into the black Netphone port:

Budii ports diagram


BoB2 or BoB Lite

Handsets must be plugged into the green Phone port:

BoB2 ports diagram


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