Troubleshooting WiFi for speed issues

  1. Turn off your modem at the wall socket.

  2. Wait 60 seconds and turn your modem back on.

  3. When the modem lights have settled into a stable pattern, run a speed test.

    If you're testing your speed on a device connected to your modem via WiFi, stand next to your modem to rule out any WiFi signal issues.

  4. Connect to your modem's 5GHz WiFi. This is your WiFi network with 5G at the end of the WiFi name (details can be found on the barcode sticker on your modem - example below).

    5GHz WiFi sticker example

    If your speed test result improves, see our guide on improving WiFi signals.
  5. Unplug all other devices connected to your modem's Ethernet ports.

  6. Turn off or disconnect all other devices connected to your modem's WiFi (except one test device such as a mobile phone).

  7. On the test device, close all apps or programs that are using your broadband connection and turn off any mobile data networks (e.g. 4G).

  8. Run a speed test.

    If speed improves on a single device, you may be running more devices or programs than your connection can handle and require more bandwidth.

    Check your address on our website to see what faster broadband plans are available at your address.

  9. If your WiFi speed has not improved, factory reset your Westnet modem by following this guide.

    Important: A factory reset removes all custom settings including your internet service configuration and any custom WiFi network names and passwords.

  10. Set up your Westnet modem again by following the steps in the setup guide.

    Note: For info on how to factory reset and re-set up non-Westnet modems, please contact the modem manufacturer or consult the user guide.

  11. If you have a Westnet modem and require further assistance, please call us on 1300 786 068.

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